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General Breedlove has given statements how Nato will win a war against Russia and how they are preparing for it. This is all bullshit. Either this man should be committed at once into some mental institution, or he is just bullshitting the most stupid european allies, particulary the new Nato member states.

Ths simple fact is this: Russian doctrine concerning a war against Nato is a nuclear war. Period.

This is not an opinion, nor an estimate. It is the russian doctrine, their plan, the war they prepare for in this case. It does not matter what you think, it does not matter if some jerk off neocon in Washington office believes that the russians would never use nuclear weapons. They will and they have said it all the time.

If you think they would not, you do not know the russians. In the WW2 they lost some 18 000 000 men fighting the germans. Holding on the city of Leningrad alone, some 1,5 million people died. That is what the russians are ready for if things go that far.

Now, if mr. Breedlove really believes that US or Nato will "win" a full blown nuclear war or that the russians won't use those weapons if Nato attacks, he is mentally unfit for his job. It is understandable that a genuine idiot like Victoria Nuland believes in her masturbatorial fantasies but a professional soldier should know better.

Let us examine the facts: Russian military doctrine has been at least since 1992 that any war with Nato will be a nuclear war. That means all out, full blown total war. Which means that not only will US and Nato receive all the nuclear bombs Russia has but also all the chemical and biological weapons too. Now if there is an idiot in the west who does not understand what this means, get yourself committed at once. You belong in the nut house.

Russia has roughly 30 big nuclear submarines. Each of those carry 19-21 missles. Each missle carries 5 to 7 nuclear warheads. USA nor Nato has no weapon systems to stop all of these vessels which means they might be already at place along the US coastal zones. That means that the missles reach their targets inside USA in minutes, in less than one hour. One sub carries anything from 95 up to 147 war heads. Just one sub. Each of those war heads are much more dvastating than Hiroshima.

Now, call me crazy, but I doubt if the US has the capacity to stop that kind of nuclear onslaught. And that is just one submarine. Multiply that by thirty and you get the picture. 2 850 or 4 410 nuclear bombs. You think Nato would win this war? How much there would be USA left after that nuclear holocaust? Makes one wonder what is reasonable.

And that is just those submarines. Russia has ballistic missles and heavier missles too. It has nuclear bombs which will be delivered and/or launched from the air too. You think you will win that war?

And just to make you understand what kind of a bullshit general Breedlove is spewing from his mouth, Russia and China are now allies, not only in BRICS, but also in defence alliance. Which means that if general Breedlove launches a war against Russia in Europe, USA will face China in Pacific. And that, my friends, is a definition of national and global suicide.

I want to believe that general Breedlove is not as stupid fucking idiot he makes himself appear and that his motives are completely different. I believe he is bullshitting europeans.

USA is trying to re-launch an arms race. Why? Because it can no longer up hold the military industrial complex on its own. The wars it has been fighting have depleted the cash resources of US government and it no longer can keep the military industry a float alone. It needs others to buy US weapons on a massive scale. The only way to make this happen is re-ignite the Cold war in Europe and exite the Nato so that new round of arms race is on.

I believe that this is the goal of general Breedlove too. He is just a sales person for the US military industry. Because if he is for real, if he really believes there will be somekind of conventional war between Russia and USA on Europe alone, he is in need of very urgent mental care.

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