torstai 24. maaliskuuta 2016


Some 60 plus million years ago the Earth was hit by a huge asteroid. Most likely it smashed somewhere neat the present day Yukatan. What followed was almost complete wipe out of the world, particulary the among the life forms.

All the large land based animals were wiped out. Those animals shorter than one meter, weighing less than 30 kilos, had a chance. Rats, small animals and such managed to hang on while some 99% of the Earths biomass dissappeared. Up to 75% of all spieces died out. More than 90% of the planktons in seas died. Even the non-dinosaurs spieces lost some 56%.

With this catastrophe the Age of the Disaurus came to an end. Those giants, invincible titans, greatest animals who ever roamed the Earth, dissappeared. Those who survived the intial impact died soon off in the following nuclear winter. For hundreds of millions of years those gigantic beasts  had ruled the Earth, had decided the destinies of biospheres, and lived seemingily un-stoppable lives without anything that could even shake their rule.

But out of nowhere, seemingly, came one big Bang that wiped the all out. Only the smalles and weakest of them survived as small feathered birds. All those tyrannosaurs rexes and others died just like that. Boom. They could not cope with the explosion and it's aftermath. Those giant gliding winged predators of the skies were no more. They all died off.

The same will happen with the big western corporations soon. It is well known that there will be The Big Bang, The Doom Boom in the western economy in the coming years. It is certainty. It is sure. Only question is this: when? No one in the Know questions IF. They all know it is coming and some governments and institutions are preparing, but once this economic meteorite hits the western system, those big corporations, just like the dinosaurses, will become extint.

This is certain for one simple reason: the western economy as we know it by now, has no longer any connection to the real economy. The statistical economy, the numbers and sheets, figures and graphs portrait something which is not there. It is called speculative economy. It is based completely to the ability of creating money from nothing by the big banks. As long as the big banks can produce money out of nowhere, the system rolls on. Thus far, they have been able to do that, as not one government, besides Iceland, had taken away their ability to create this fictional money.

This fictional money has been loaned out and has gone into the official numbers as a boost of the economy. It has grown and grown and grown and created a situation where there is more debt on this planet than there is actual money. This debt, the fictional money, is taken as a real money and described as such. But in order to go on, everyone has to believe in it. It has to be taken as real. And here we come to the Dooms Day: today, the amount of debt has grown so huge that no one believes in it anymore.

No one believes that USA is able to pay back it's debts, ever. Who believes Greece will be able to pay back it's debts? No one. And they are just two examples. Japan has a debt over 220%. It does not even pretend to pay it back as the most of it is for it's own central bank. And all this debt, all this fictional money, all those credits and loans which fuel the western economy, have grown too big. The banks, those Too Big to Fail banks, have begun to devour national economies.

One by one nations have collapsed under the weight of their national debts. Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentine and others have fallen, stumbled back up, just barely, to fall again. Others are already close to fall. Like those giant carnavour dinosaurus the big banks are on the hunt for more prey. The food is already getting short. They keep on roaming, looking for next victims to devour. And they do not understand, nor they can do nothing, for that bright light zooming down from the sky above their heads.

The fall of dollar and euro, the collapse of the western economy as we know it is coming. Once the people, ordinary people, loose their faith on the dollar, on euro, and once that loss of faith gets out, it is like a Black Death. Sudden and total. A strike of an economic meteorite. And everything will explode and fall apart. No one sees a dollar worth of anything. Euro is worth less that a toilet paper as it is worse on that job.

All those banks which we are told are Too Big to Fail will fail. They will die off. Wall Street will collapse. EU will collapse. USA will collapse. And once they collapse, those big giant corporations and banks have nothing left to devour, nothing to feed them. They will perish. There is a panic. rats leave them to die off. People scatter and run scared. No one wants to die with them. And there is no more money to bail them out, no one willing to do that. There will be no politician willing to put up any money for them and even if there was, where that money would come from? Those same dying big banks? It worked once, in 2008, but it will not work again.

Those huge dinosaurus call in all those gigantic loans from governments in panic. But the governments do not have the money. They loaned it from those banks in the first place. Pension funds are devoured in few hours. Those big gigantic banks call in the loans from all those big companies who own them money. The companies won't have cash ready. It takes time and there is no time. They call in their credits and loans, but the smaller banks and companies do not have all that cash either. They try to get them from the people who own them money, but the people do not have that amounts of money. The game is over. The jig is up.

Then the people loose their faith on the currencies. They no longer trust on the cash. In panic the international financial forums and funds and world banks and others devaluate the currencies which excelerates the spreading of the mis trust of the people to the currencies. They stop using them or switch on other currencies, or began to barter among themselves. The people will do anything to survive the collapse of the financial system of the west. Most of them will, but not the big slumbering corporations, those dinosaurs who looked invicible just few years before.

Who will survive? Those small companies who are quick. Those who can switch currencies on the fly, who can barter if need be, who do not have huge office complexes and tens of thousands of people on their roll call. A company which has less than three or four bosses and owners survive. They are the ones who can make the desicions on the spot on anything thrown against them. The companies which have no board of directors, heads of divisions, huge offices and staff, paper pushers and bureaus will survive. All those who have thousands of office workers will die out.

Just like 60 millions of years ago, those small insignificant companies and others like them survive because they are light on their feet. They are quick and lean and mean. They weight less, they do not have huge loads on their back and they can use what ever resources there are around them or available. They go trough any hole, any cravess, and they see the smallest bits to be picked up. No deal is too small for them and they take them all.

The big companies can not do that. They have to have meetings with their owners, they have to have board meetings, they have to have divisional board meetings, they have to have board meetings on different continents, give orders to their staff to prepare memos and raports, reports and power point shows. By the time they are getting their lead feet moving, they are already dying or dead. It is over and they have barely begun to turn. Those banks that once were too big to fail will die and collapse, those multibillion dollar companies who once had sky scraper offices in Midtown Manhattan fall down. They crash into millions of pieces.

And guess who is coming to dinner? Yes. It is those small companies, the ones who were under the radar, those the dinosaurs did not even bother to look at. They survived the dinosaurs and they survive the economic crash, and now, when those giant dinosaur companies lay dead on the ground, they come to eat them up, to pick the bones, take what ever they need, from the bones of the dinosaurs, those once almighty gigantic corporations, who became extint.

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  1. Uskoisin että tuohon menee vielä aikaa eikä välttämättä ole niin dramaattinen tapahtuma. Toki isoa muutosta tarvitaan.