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One of the most brilliant documents ever produced by the humankind is the constitution of United States of America. The priciples, ideas and goals stated in that document are still gems of human thinking. It was in it's time arguably the most revolutionary paper ever written and it is still one of the few which places a man, a humanbeign, before the state anywhere around the world.

US constitution says that the state is for the citizen, and the officials, including the president, are just hired hands to take care of the day to day running of the government. The president simply is at work for the people and not the other way around. He is someone who the people gave the job for a limited number of years. Nothing more.

The same thing applies to each and all government official, from the state secretary to the commanders of the armed forces and every single general colonel, major or private in the army. Every single person working for the federal or state government has been hired and given the job by the american people and all of those hired, chosen for the job, should by the law and the definition work FOR the people. Nothing else.

Hopes were high among many americans once Barack Obama became the first black president of the USA. Many hoped that he would get back the government from the military industrial complex and the Wall street, that somehow he and Hillary Clinton would be better than the previous Bush government which had allowed the big banks and military run amok and destroy the federal economy.  Both Obama and Hillary showed their true colours only after the elections.

They gave americans more debt, more economic ruin, more wars and took away the basic rights of the americans even more than the previous leaders. It was president Obama who signed the bill which gave the right for the president to detain anyone, anytime, anywhere without any legal procedures, when ever he wanted. There would be no legal presentation, no legal process, nothing. And he could detain anyone for as long as he wanted, for what ever reason he wanted.

It was Obama with Hilary who lead USA into more international mess one after another. They plunged USA into Libya and spurned the civil war which is still going on. They got involved in Egypt and elsewhere, creating chaos where ever they pointed their pointers. It was assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland who got USA involved into the mess of Ukraine and who chose the present even more corrupted government BEFORE the Maidan coup. It was Hilary and Obama who lead US into the mess of Syria.

The Obama regime is now trying to re-ignite new Cold war in desperation as its popularity is spiraling down at home. Obama and his regime are war mongering in Europe in a hope that their new cold war would re-launch a new arms race and save the american military industry. They have to because the federal government can no longer hold it up alone. It needs the Nato and european countries as new buyers and military spenders in order to save hundreds of thousands of jobs across the USA because they have failed to create an economic turnaround.

The only two major industries still working for the USA are the military industry and the entertainment industry. Everthing else is on a stand still or in decline. The economic recovery so bravely touted once a while is created by more debt and Wall street, still playing its games and swindles on a american public. How do we know this for sure? Well, the international price of crude oil is in free falling. Giant tankers are sailing up and down the oceans without dumping their loads because no one is buying the stuff. No one is using oil enough to meet the production. There is more oil available than there is need. That is a sure sign of economic stagnation.

Cars are not moving, lorries and trucks are not hauling, no one is producing more and more oil based products. But that is not all. Raw materials are cheap across the board. Building industry, factories, all sorts of real producers are on stagnation. Growth is either weak or non existing. The real economy is standing still. That is why they have to lay off workers, lower the wages, do all kinds of tricks and hustles, so that no one would notice this. That is why Obama regime is spewing all this smoke and screen around the public. They have failed massively. They want to hide it.

Wall street is still running the show and they do not care about the americans. For them americans are just milking cows, just like the governments are. Nothing has changed since 2008 and nothing will with Obama regime. Actually, Obama has not lifted a finger against the big banks. He may have said something, made some wishywashy moves, but nothing for real. Instead he has kept all those Wall street moles who ruined the economy during the Bush regime inside the Treasury. Obama has done zippo to the Federal reseve, a private bank who should be protecting the dollar for the government. So, now the Fed is teetering at the brink of a spectacular crash itself. Foreign financers such as China are withdrawing with accelerating speed and the faith in dollar is waining.

And as if that was not bad enough, the Obama regime has turned it's gaze on the very people it should be working for. The federal government has now more all kinds of intelligence agencies and organisations than ever. Officially they all work against terrorists and extremists but when one looks at who they profile as extremists you realize that they are targeting mainly the americans. The federal police is acting more and more like an invader, the local police foreces are now being trained by the Feds and militarized at such a pace that they have become unrecognisable in many states. All one has to do is to take a look what they look like now compared to the cops twenty, thirty years years ago. The difference is striking.

Where as the use of SWAT teams was once very rare occation, now it is routine. Cops on the beat are no longer familiar faces whom the people in the neighbourhood know well but terminators in full military gear and shades covering their eyes. All kinds of special units and teams are being created and secret operations launched against assumed enemies. The use of explosives in home searches is routine. Flash bangs and others are used regularily. Doors are smashed down, assault rifles normal weaponry, and this has happened more and more during the Obama rule.

Where years ago people saw US army at the parades or near the bases, the federal troops are now training on their home soil, among the civilian population. These training manouvers are massive and have thousands of soldiers, they fly helicopters over residental areas and roll with tanks around urban centers. What are they training for? Against the terrorists? Jihadists? In the down town Phoenix? In south west states?

No wonder that the president Obama is the least favoured president of all time. His ratings are worse than Richard Nixons and that says a lot. No wonder the people, those ordinary hard working americans who have always kept their country afloat, have begun to suspect their own government. They have felt the cold breeze from the Washington and Wall street blow over their towns and work places, they have been stopped by not so friendly officers of FEMA or some other shady federal organisation on their roads and even those FEMA camps, which were supposed to be invention of tin hat paranoids and conspiracry theorists, have become somehow real.

Homelessness has been declared a crime in some states and the homeless have been shipped to those camps. They are the first to go. Few doubt they will be the only ones. In some states gathering the rain water has been declared as a crime. Getting off the grid, cutting oneself off the plumping system and water supply are now illegal in some states. The government who is supposedly working for the people, chosen by the people, is actually tightening it's grip and watching those people more and more closely.

It is profiling its own people, creating data bases and records on the people, just like they did in Vietnam in Operation Phoenix. One of those men who created Phoenix said in a book about that programme: Operation Phoenix was not the assassination program. It was a massive data gathering program which made the assassination programme possible. Where ever a large files and data bases about the population are gathered, there is Operation Phoenix going on.

No wonder so many americans are looking at their own government with suspicion. No wonder they are getting more and more nervous. No wonder that the prepping, preparing for national disaster, has exploded. People have begun to get ready. But they are not alone. Some states have stopped to listen what Washington wants. Instead they have begun to ask from the people what they want. Case in point: Cannabis.

According to the federal government it is a dangerous drug, in the same category as meth, heroin and coke. It is a class A narcotic. Everyone knows that is BS. So some states have legalized cannabis, regulate it and provide legal frames inside of which it can be cultivated and sold to those who want it for what ever purpose. In some states it is for "medicinal purposes" but everyone knows what is it for. Colorado has seen a drop in crime almost thirty precent since it legalized cannabis. It has gathered tax revenues tens of millions of dollars. So the claims of the federal police organisations have been proven false. Crime rate went down instead going up and the state got more taxes than it lost. Feds do not like that.

So DEA, FBI and ATF have launched operations against those who have received permits from their home states. They have attacked in their present style, in a full military way, on farms and shops, homes and work places of the people who are not breaking any laws of their home states. But the federal government says they are breaking the federal laws. This is no longer about the weed. This is about the law. Which has the final say so: the feds or the states. What are the rights of the states and what the rights of the feds? If there is a conflict between the federal law and state law, which one wins? You can not have two sets of conflicting laws which are applied at the same time.

What all of this is doing for the United States of America? It is shaking it to the core. Some do not see the question in the large scheme of things but some do. This is the real issue here: Has the federal government the right to order the individual state to change it's laws? Has the federal government right to force the states to obey them? In Washington the answer is clear: Feds have the power and the right to do what ever they want and they are the ones who set the rules of the federation. After all, that is what they did in 1860-65 and since they won, they have that right still.

But in some states they do not see things that way. Some states in the federation have already refused to implement some laws set by the federal government. Some states have said that they decide, not Washington. Some have even quoted the constitution and said that it gives the member states the right to make their own laws and decide what the federal government can do in them and what they can not. It looks like a debate over the cannabis but it is actually about this: who rules? Washington or the member states? State or the people? What rights the member states have over the Washington? What rights the people have over the state?

From the european point of view the love of guns is one weird aspect of american lives but even that is not as simple issued as it appears to be. Right to bear arms is one of the most loved aspects of the constitution and one of the most hotly debated. Those who support tighter gun control claim that the section of the constitution about the gun ownership refers to a need for a local militia in case the government can not provide the forces for maintaining the law and order. The guns can be owned for that use alone. Those who want free gun ownership claim that it means what it says: every american has the right to own a gun. Period. And they are very quick to remind that those guns are there as a guarantee for freedom. Freedom from whom? From the federal government, from the state.

USA is going on a fast lane towards huge pile of problems it possibly can not solve peacefully. Hopefully it can. I wish there would a peaceful revolution, reclaiming of the government from the military industrial complex and Wall street back to the people it was meant to serve. It remains to be seen but like one historian said: Let us hope everybody remembers that the 1775 began when the english government tried to collect the guns from the colonials.

The reason for hope is this: USA has the remarkable ability to re-invent itself, to re-juvenite itself. The history of USA is not solid, smooth sailing along the gentle waves of history but a saga of hiccups, chaotic scenes and re-starts. During the history of USA there has been several moments when all has seems to be lost, when things have really gone wrong, but at those moments brave individuals or groups have popped up out from no-where and done something which no one thoughed to be possible or what others never even saw. To put it short: they have revolutionized the way of doing things or thinking about solutions. This has happened again and again and again.

The Great Depression started actually in 1920's, well before the famous stock market crash. Already in 1920 the GNP dropped up to 7% and consumer prices declined over 36%. That was seen as a pumb on the road as the roaring 20's got wind under its wings. But there were big time bombs in the system. Production of consumer goods and other production was more than the consuming capability of the nation. The agricultural producers were already in difficulties and farming industry in problems when yet one more Wall street Ponzi-circus collapsed and plunged the land into chaos in 1929. Added to that was long lasting drought in the Mid West which together with unfit techniques used on the soil created the Dust Bowl. So by 1930 USA was not only plunging into economic chaos in the banking sector, but also in other industries as well, and there was a real possibility of nation wide hunger looming at the horizon as well.

Those conditions could have crushed the nation. Other countries such as Spain, Italy and Germany had fallen into fascism and nazism, totalitarian regimes were ruling old Russian empire and China, Japan became more and more militaristic, but in the USA something else happened. Roosevelt government took tricks from where ever they found them. They were accused of being socialist in some circles of society, totalitarian in others, they were accused of being the ruin of the american way of life, but somehow their hodgepodge of mixed economic and legal arts pulled the nation from jaws of despair and destruction. It was remarkable and made it possible for USA to be on the winning side at the WW2 soon after.

There had been an economic crisis in 1785-88, an economic depression in 1807, and bigger economic depression from 1815 trough the panic of 1819 untill 1821. There was a panic in stock markets in 1825 and great recession of the late 1830's when the business activity dropped some 67% between 1836  and 1843 and more than 600 banks collapsed. There was the great panic of 1857 when once again the stockmarket bubble bursted and over 5000 businesses collapsed creating mass demonstrations and unemployment. There was the first great depression of 1873 to 1879 and there was the panic of 1893 when the business activity dropped more than 37% in a year. There was another panic in 1896, 1907 and 1910 to 1911. There was the collapse of 1920 and 1929. All of which shows that economic chaos, collapses and rising from the ashes are actually quite normal way of doing business in USA. It is the dynamic in the system. It builds up, goes out with a bang, and something new comes along.

The cultural revolution of the 1960's brought us stuff we could not even think were possible. Guys like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were and are the product of that era. Opening ones mind and widening ones views were the key elements of the 60's culture revolution. It was no longer about can not and should not, but why not. Trough the muds of the 70's the seeds of 60's waited untill they popped up in the 80's. Yes, it was the age of the yuppies, cocaine and consumer frenzy but it also brought us PC's, Apple computers, small mobile phones and tablets, the Inter Net and so on. The 80's brought the enviromental issues into the main stream. Someone said that the 80's were the revenge of the hippies.

Once again USA was one of those places were this cultural revolution was taking place. New innovations, new ideas, new ways to do things and to progress were invented and implemented. That was the key and it showed once again why USA can pull a rabbit out of its hat time and time again. USA is not a conservative land, it is not a nation in which stagnation is the natural state of mind. It is actually a revolutionary land. It has re-invented itself many many times. It has done things others never did or could not do. It is a boiling cauldron of various intrests and circles, groups competing against each other, and no matter how much the neoconservatives wish, it will not stop from boiling.

The elite in Washington bureaucracy may think it can supress and oppress the nation by adding one "security level" on top of another. They may believe that they rule and their will decide but they are wrong. The history of USA shows that quite well. When those in power begin to think they are almighty or try to harness and chain up the land for what ever purpose, they have failed sooner of later. The country simply will not accept that. It is the nature of the country. It is revolutionary, it is rebellious. Many rulers have tried to tame it, control it, many presidents have waged campaings against the people in one way or another, and they have all failed. So will this regime in its time.

And what is the sign that one more american revolution is on its way? Well, it is staring us straight into our eyes but we miss it because we are too occupied with the general circus and chaos. It is right there in the numbers of the presidential candidates. Bernie Sanders, the Red Bernie, so-called socialist, is challenging Hillary Clinton for real. No one could have predicted that. But what Hillary and the majority of observers are missing is the most important thing: Sanders, an old grey haired thinker, is most popular candidate among the youngest voters. Yes, his ideas are finding supporters and support among the age group 18 to 24. The youth of America.

It may look ridicilous now, it may be that Sanders won't be a candidate, BUT the young voters are following his ideas, they are looking at his proposals as valid options to the regime at place right now. That is the real story what is going on right now for it is these young people who are tomorrow. Time is really on their side. And let us not forget that those men and women who made the 1775 possible were also young, the generation who created the Movement in the 60's were really young, the innovators of the 80's were also young.

It might be that one more american revolution is already on it's way but we do not see it yet, nor we understand what shape it will get. FEMA camps and terminator cops won't be able to stop that from happening. Such oppression never worked in the history of USA and it won't work this time either. The basic ideas of freedom, liberty, social equality and human rights are too strong.

Like the great Sam Cooke once sang: "A Change is gonna come". And it will come, once more.

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  1. Being especially enamored with the second amendment of the US constitution, I fully agree with your views. Nothing seriously wrong with our own constitution either, if only it had been observed to the letter.

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  3. David Rockefeller, a prominent banker, a former chairman of the board of the CFR [Council of Foreign Relations – ed.], and its current honorary chairman. In his autobiography Memoirs, page 405 [copyright 2002, at Amazon – ed.], Rockefeller said,
    “Some even believe we [Rockefellers] are a part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United states, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I’m proud of it.”

    Wealthiest Americans NOT Gates or Buffet: Rockefellers Worth $11.48 TRILLION in 1998! Trillions are American unit corresponding Finnish billions.
    Rockefellers's cabal works also inside the US government. Every time a new president is elected he picks up the majority of administration from CFR members.
    There is no need to talk about conspiracy theories, simply because one of their leaders openly confesses the cabal.

    David Rockefeller: “The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history”

    Rep. Larry McDonald 1976: “THE DRIVE OF THE ROCKEFELLERS and their allies is to create a ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control…. Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a PLOT, international in scope, GENERATIONS OLD in planning, and INCREDIBLY EVIL in intent”.

    The purpose of this plot is to drive also America down so that nothing disturbs the end result on this One World dictatorship. The blogger describes this America down procedure. And it will happen because America has lost her faith as printed in the dolllar: In God we trust. But when America returns to trust in God again she will be great again.’m-proud-of-being-part-of-a-secret-cabal-working-against-the-best-interests-of-the-united-states/