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Finland enjoys a sterling reputation abroad as one of the least corrupted countries and a land where organized crime is merely some street level gang related activities. This reputation is just a mirage, smoke and mirrors. Nothing could be further from truth.

The reality is that  Finland is ruled by a network of politicians and businessmen who break finnish laws publicly and openly, who have evidently been corrupted trough and trough and who continue to do so even as we speak. This true finnish organized crime is simply hiding in the open view and foreign politicians and ambassadors do not understand that the very people they meet and greet are indeed the members in the most powerful form of organized crime in Finland.

This criminal network is known in Finland as Dear Brother Network, Custom of the Land and by various other names. Almost every finn knows about its existance and yet, somehow, foreign observers, press and journalists and news agencies have ignored and missed it completely. Even when pointed to it, foreigners commonly can not see it for it is against everything they believe Finland to be.

One reason is this; the very concept of corruption in Finland is different from every other nation. In Finland corruption is firmly limited and officially sanctioned as pay offs. If there is no evidence that person A handed out a pile of cash to person B, there is no corruption. This is fairly rare in Finland, unlike in many other countries. But in Finland it is about favors, it is about shady deals, zoning and permits, politicians making laws fit for big business, and usually no cash is moved around. It is hidden into ownerships, new summer houses, combed holidays, favorism, cushy jobs in private sector and so on. This way the official stand is: Finland is one of the least corrupted countries in the world. In reality it is completely corrupted criminal state.

Also the definition of organised crime by the police and NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) has been this: it is gang crime. Period. The NBI, the most politically influenced police in Finland, has been very orthodox in this. They have repeatedly stated that the only organised crime in Finland are the so-called "vest gangs", meaning mainly outlaw motorcycle clubs and gangs imitating them. In one lection for the law students one officer of the NBI became even enraged when a student asked him about the election scandal of 2009. This officer shouted that the election fund scandal was not organised crime, which it certainly was. But no wonder the partners of NBI know nothing about the reality in Finland.

In 2009 there was a huge election fund scandal. It became public that in practice every party and every member of the national parliament had been hiding their election funds. The law requiered that every candidate declares every cent to the auhtorities but no one had done that, save for few individuals. The election funds, their origins and amounts, the cost of election campaigns etc. had never been disclosured. Never. The reasoning was this: the same law that demanded politicians to declare their election funds carried no penalties for breaking this law. Yes, the same politicians who collected tens of millions for "the elections", had formulated a law, concerning themselves, which carried no penalties. Nice work, brothers.

Also in the same scandal it became clear that not only had this type of corruption been Custom of the Land for deacdes, the government ministers met regulary with white collar criminals at the official residence of the prime minister, discussing with the prime minister about coming elections and to whom hand out how much money. The criminals and ministers went trough the candidate lists, allotted funds for them and decided who will run for the office and where. At least two leading parties, both for whom have reigned Finland since then, did this. This revelation resulted into nothing.

The Dear Brother -network controls the NBI, our national police. And it is this police oirganisation which should have investigated the politicians, which it avoided. Couple white collar criminals were sentenced for small jail sentences but like one of them said in an open court: I wonder why the president is not here as we bought his election book by thousands?

The usual tricks to collect election funds on a massive scale are the following: publish an election book, usually written by ghost writer and published by a company which is looking for favors, and then sell it. The sales of these books are astonishing and politicians could have easily been the best selling authors of the country just before the elections had their book sales been followed. Naturally they have not been tracked by anyone. In reality the guys wishing to fund a politician buy thousands of copies of these books and throw them away, but this way the candidate can say he got his money from the book sales.

Another trick to chanel dubious funds to politicians is art sales. One of the most respected members of the parliament, a true titan in finnish politics, was once the most successful art dealer in Finland par none, right before the elections. He sold "donated" pieces of art worth of hundreds of thousands and, naturally, did not declare how much of this money actually was spent in elections and how much he pocketed. No one did.

Very useful and used trick to collect money is to organise a speaker tours and events. The candidate appears in several places giving speeches and the attendees pay to get to hear him speak. Except, the money can be several times bigger than the actual event. There have been non-events in the past, and one famous example of an event in a small rural community in which around thousand of the most influental and powerful business tycoons attented. That event brought tens of thousands to the election fund of the said candidate who was supposedly given the speech to his thousand strong audience. There was just one hiccup. In that rural community there was no place, space, a hall big enough to house one thousand strong audience. Nothing followed this revelation either.

The biggest crimes against the national laws of Finland have been the biggest political moves too. They show and prove that Finland is a criminal state from top down.

The EU membership was done deal after highly propagated campaign the politicians gave the public a chance to say what they wanted in a "public vote". The majority in the national "public vote" wanted to join the EU. What should have been done was this: the politicians should have gone to the parliament and change the constitution of Finland. This was not done because in order ot change the constitution there has to be 5/6 majority in the parliament. They did not have it at the time so Finland joined the EU against its constitution in 1995. The so-called "Public vote" also had no legal stance and does not have it even today. It is merely an expression of the mood of the people as it is the parliament which makes desicions acccording to the law. It was only in 2011 when the finnish constitution was fixed, after 16 years of unlawfull membership in EU.

The next crime against the constitution was the euro. In the finnish constitution is was stated that finnish monetary unit was markka, our own money. The same criminal polticians who took Finland into EU simply declared in 1999 that the majority of the finns wanted the euro and it was actually decided when Finland joined in EU. It was not. No one had ever said the a membership in EU was also a membership in EMU and euro. But they claimed so and so finnish markka was replaced by euro against the constitution. This was also never taken to parliamentary handling nor the constitution was changed. It was simply broken.

Third major crime against the constitution was the so-called MOU agreemet with Nato in 2014. It was flat out against the constitution of Finland. Not only that, it was also against the criminal code 12/1&10, it was against the neutrality codes in the finnish law and finally, the commander of the finnish army Jarmo Lindberg had no legal right to sign such agreements at all. So the MOU broke practially every law in Finland, the constitution, the criminal code, the neutrality laws, the laws concerning military officials etc. It was done openly. It was never taken to the parliament. It was a massive crime against all possible laws, a treason, but nothing happened.

Several investigation requests were made to the finnish security police SUPO which is responsible for investigating treasons and crimes of this magnitude, but nothing has been heard since. Not even when these request were made some politicians, political parties and several individual citizens. They have all vanished into the great silence which is the true organised crime in Finland: The Dear Brother Network.

What it is, then? To put it simply, it is an network of powerful business men, politicians, officials, military and police personel, an Old Boys network which is very loose and very unofficial. There are no secret ceremonies nor tightly regimented groups as such, but a "common unserstanding" and "mutual co-operation". There are several thousands of finns who do not even know they are working for this network which consists some dozen or hundreds of powerful individuals. Some of them are connected to the more official groups such as free masons, lions clubs and others, but they all know who are their brothers. The recruiment is a long process during which the apprentice does not even know what he/she is groomed for. There is no official ranking system, no hazings, but one day the apprentice realises that he is indeed one of the Dear Brothers.

Who are these Dear Brothers then? Well, we can name one. He is the present president of Finland, Sauli Niinistö. He was heavily involved in the un-constitutional EU membership deal. He was the key player in the un-constitutional euro deal. And he was at present when the Nato MOU deal was signed by general Jarmo Lindberg. Why his involvement in all of these is so important? Sauli Niinistö is a lawyer by his civilian pofession. He must have known in 1995 that EU membership requiered 5/6 majority in parliament in order to be lawful. He must have known that chainging into euro is against the constitution. He surely knew that Nato MOU agreement was against several laws, including the constitution, and yet he was at present in the signing ceremony. Thus, he supervised the crime against the constitution, the criminal code and other laws at that situation.

Just to make it clear that we are really talking about organised crime here, the EU has tried to define what is actually organised crime and Finland has done the same. What is funny about these definitions is that they quite perfectly describe the finnish Dear Brother Network, the biggest and strongest criminal organisation in Finland and one of the most powerful of its kind in the world.

6204/2/97 ENFOPOL 35 REV 2 

The EU defined organised crime in a list of eleven criterias. They are the following:

1. Co-operation between more than two individuals.

2. Members of the group have their own jobs in the group.

3. The group is operational for a long or unspecified time.

4. The group applies internal discipline.

5. The group is suspected of grevious and serious crimes.

6. The group is operating on international level.

7. The group uses violence or other methods of preassure.

8. The group is using cover companies.

9. The group is involved in money laundring.

10. The group seeks to influence the politicians, public government,  mass media, justice officials and the representatives of the economy.

11. The main goal in the activities is the attempt to gain economic benefit and/or political power.

In order to become a organised group, a group of criminals must fit into criterias 1, 3, 5 and 11. They also must fit into additional two criterias. So, in order to be organised crime, a group must fit into total of 6 criterias to be organised crime as defined European Union. So, let us see...

Finnish politicians and their ilk work in groups of more than two, their groups exist for a long time, they have broken the constitution and there is no more serious crime than that, and their goal is to get both money and power. So all the four Must criterias are indeed fitting into finnish members of this Dear Brother Network. As for the other two needed criterias, they also operate on international level (criteria 6) and they certainly seek to influence the media, polticians, officials (criteria 10) etc.

So, we can see that the so-called Dear Brother Network fits the bill to a tee. They are the organised crime as defined by the European Union. It is clear to all to see. It is as it is.

What is strange is this: not one foreign reporter, journalist, investigative reporter has ever picked this up. Not one. I wonder why.

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  1. Why don't you mention freemasons ? They are part of the "Dear Brother Network" and when we want change we have to know where to target our energy.

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