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The best chinese food I have ever eaten I ate in Chinatown in NYC, on Mott st. I also ate ethiopian, nepalese, mexican and korean food. I also ate italian food, american cuisine and others. In one city. I think NYC is the greatest city in the world. I love the museums and arts, the whole city. The buildings, the wibe, everything. I am happy I lived there for a moment. You can not get better bagels in anywhere in the world.

I love american painting: abstract expressionism and stuff that came after it. Phil Guston ja Willem De Kooning blew my mind away when I saw their paintings for the first time. I spent days, litterally, in the galleries and art museums. I am not joking, hours and hours, absorbing eveything like a sponge. I was spirited into another dimensions.

I loved the book stores. Books from floor to roof, books books books. No matter what the subject, you could find books about it in USA, in New York, even in Minneapolis.I was lucky to live there too for a while. I loved the big, open country that opened up outside the city. The big sky. I was lucky to meet some native americans and learn from them some really deep stuff about life in general.

I love american cinema, I think Errol Flynn is the best Robin Hood ever and Scorsese is a genius. For me American Graffiti is not just a movie, it is a piece of culture. John Fords Seachers is a master piece. Godfather and Apocalypse Now are great works of art and cinema. Charlie Chaplin made great art and Marilyn Monroe will never die. Buster Keaton never did.

I love Raymond Chandler, Mark Twain and Edgar Rice Burroughs. I read James Elroy and couple others with respect. I love the history books, the fact books, many many american books. Usually they are well written, easy flow of words, and in many cases informative and very factual. I don't just read them. I eat them.

I love rock. I love blues. I even love some jazz. I think the best hip hop is true big city sound. When John Lee Hooker goes How how how how, I start to grin. When Little Richard screams Good Golly Miss Molly, I smile. I think The Band did some truly great works of art and even the Eagles did couple of them. "Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona... ". Great poetry. Bob Dylan had his moments too. Doo wop is great music. Debbie Harry does the best version of the Tide is high. Ramones rocks. I could go on and on with this.

I love american cars. Not those hybrids but those gigantic gasoline guggling floats of metal and chrome from the 50's. I even like the big ones from the 70's. I believe that a chopper motorcycle is a thing of beauty and art in itself.

All of these things are american. So I love Americana.

I have american friends. I like americans. They are easy going, easy to get to know, to get along. Many of them are good humored and joke well. Many of them are sharp and witty. There are some very good values. Fair play. Justice. Right. Freedom. The very idea that the state is a servant and not the other way around. Even the president is just a guy working for the people. That is a great principle.

And here we come to the sore point: US government. That really pisses me off. That makes me angry. The way the US government behaves around the world is something I can not understand. I can not accept. The very idea that it can do what ever where ever is repulsive. The very fact that it can steal, lie and cheat every other nation at will makes me mad.

The willingness and ease to kill people anywhere around the world makes me mad. I don't like the idea of a drone flying invisible above and killing whom ever some politician in Washington decides to kill. I don't like the fact that US government is actually working for the big business, oil companies and such, instead of the people. I don't like the propaganda, the lies it spews out like nothing. I don't like when US government tries to get a war going on in Europe. That makes me really mad.

But why USA makes me really mad is this: it really is a great fucking country and it has tons and tons of good stuff. Why the fuck it somehow always fucks things up?? Why the country that created arguably one of the greatest foods ever, the hamburger, can not feed its people? Why the country that had the best health care system in the world in 1950's is now just like any under developed country on that sector??

In the past american scientist developed medicines and gave them away for free for the whole world because that was the right thing to do, but now big phramaseutical companies force feed nations with their shit and make billions on diseases. What the fuck happened?

And why the country who fought against the nazis in WW2 is now supporting them openly in Ukraine?

That really makes me mad. Because I love so many things in USA.

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