keskiviikko 19. heinäkuuta 2017


You have published news story where you tell that Finland has built massive underground system below Helsinki City because we prepare for war against Russia and fear that mr Putin attacks tomorrow or some time soon. You are quoting a "source" in Finland, individual whom you say is a someone who has worked for some official capacity for years.

I can state to you for sure, that either your news or this source is full of shit. And so that there will be no mistake: I am one of those soldiers who have trained down there.

Those tunnels were not and are not for military purposes nor they have never been excavated for military concerns. They are, as your photos show too, for the sewer systems, water lines, recreation etc. They are part of the infrastructure of a modern city, which any one with a hare brain would understand. They include also a metro line which is tiny compared to the subway systems of London and/or New York. I can also assure you that your cities have much much more underground space than Helsinki.

I wonder are you so stupid that you have no idea what you are writing about  or are you part of some propaganda effort? Because of these kind of stories you and so many other main stream medias have lost their credibility in recent years, not just in US but all across the west. It is this kind of bullshit stories which eat up your reputation and turn you into poop in the eyes of the public which loses all the trust into you and turn to the alternative web media in droves.

I can somehow understand that american media is failing as they always have been ignorant and simplistic but a British newspaper spewing this poop is something hilarious. You guys have to get back to the journalism or die out in the future as a third rate propagandists to whom most of us here in Finland and indeed around the world laugh out loud.

Most of us are not afraid of Russia or that they are going to invade us. We already have been invaded by NATO and US forces. They are already here, practicing, and I quote american colonel: "Warfare in Finland." Guess who live in here? Right. We do. So according to an american colonel, they are training warfare against us, which is funny thinking about your bullshit story how The Ruskies are coming and how we all are so terrified of that.

As for that NATO agreement MOU, it was and still is a crime according our own constitution, our own criminal code etc. True that! It was signed by a general and they can not make such deals with foreign powers, according to our laws. Our constitution should have been changed and government should have brought it to the parliament, neither of which was done. So your precious NATO agreement is a crime. Which is funny and should be one your real news stories.

Other than your bullshit propaganda story, you really should take a hard look at yourself. I have no idea are you this stupid ignorant bozos or are you working as propagandists, but this kind of poop is embarrassing. You are making fools out of yourselves and yes, this is a prime example of those fake news. And mr Trump did not even have to fake this one. You did it yourselves.

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  1. Luin daily mailin jutun. Kommenttien seassa oli pari ok, muut vaikuttivat lasten sotavideopelejä pelaavien aikuislasten möläyksiltä. Voisihan briteille ehdottaa samanlaisten tunnelien rakentamista ihan sitä varten, että pääsisivät karkuun monikultturisteilta, jotka valtaamassa katutason.